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 You will love our horses!
   First Flight Farm has incredible mares from
   only the top proven European bloodlines.
   Our OldenburgBrandenburgHolsteiner  and    Dutch Warmblood  mares are bred to only the 
   top European stallions and as a result we have
   the foals of your dreams. We do not breed
   many, we just breed the best. With bloodlines
   such as ArgentinusDonnerhallCunningham,
   QuaterbackAraconitFrench KissJonggors
   Weyden  and more, our horses pedigrees read
   like the Who’s Who of the Sport horse world.
   The movement, temperament and intelligence
   of these horses are second to none.

Why you’ll want to
purchase one of our foals.
Because we do not have many foals, each
one is given special attention and will come to
you totally accustomed to being handled and
will be a joy to work with. Our mares are very
gentle and have wonderful dispositions, traits
that are passed down to the foal. We carefully
choose the stallions to complement our mares.
You will get the type of foal that can take you
to the top.

Our breeding program

Our breeding program is centered around
our mares which come from the best of the
classic proven German and Dutch bloodlines.
They are carefully matched with the most
exciting stallions from the finest proven
bloodlines in Europe. These lines have
consistently produced winners at the highest
levels in every discipline.
Breeding Horses

First Flight Farm Breeding Horses

The Texas Hill Country is the perfect breeding environment

First Flight Farm is located just outside the
charming historic town of Boerne, Texas, in
the beautiful Hill Country. The climate is mild
and the land is perfect for raising horses,
with gently rolling hills and large shade trees.
Boerne is just thirty miles northwest of San
Antonio, conveniently located on IH10, it is
easy to get to from Dallas or Houston.

Mares and Foals

If you’re looking for a top
hunter/jumper or dressage
horse, look no further.

Our horses come from lines that excel in
both dressage and jumping. Many have
been Olympic medal winners and have won
nearly every major championship in Europe.
How far do you want to go? We have the
horses that can take you there.
Mares, foals, dressage, jumper, breeding horses

AHHA Mare & Foal Approval - Mare Performance Testing

GOV Mare & Foal Inspection - Mare Performance Testing
First Flight Farm traditionally hosts the GOV Mare and Foal Inspection and the Holsteiner Mare and Foal Approval and the GOV and Holsteiner Mare Performance Testing events each year.  This year, desiring to move the dates to earlier in the year, we reached out to fellow breeders. Due to a greatly reduced number of breeders indicating they will be bringing Holsteiner mares and foals, unfortunately we decided will not be hosting the 2020 Holsteiner event.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any fellow Holsteiner breeders. We will instead be presenting our two 2020 Holsteiner foals for registration with GOV this year.  The 2020 GOV event is being held Sunday, July 12th.  

Make your plans to join us in beautiful historic Boerne.  We will have limited available stall space for your horses if you need to come in the day before the event.  Please call early to reserve stalls. There are several nice hotels and restaurants within 2 miles of the farm.  For more information check the Holsteiner website  or the GOV website  or call us  830.537.4150.

Volunteers to help with the events are most welcome!  Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.

35 Spanish Pass Road  |  Boerne, TX 78006  |  P 830.537.4150  |  C 210.355.3500