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Hay Huts

This innovative product covers even the largest round bales completely, providing protection from the sun and the elements. Large 5x6, 1600lbs round bales fit or up to 16 square bales can also be stacked in a Hay Hut, something you cannot safely do with a traditional hay ring.  Eight windows provide access to the hay from all sides and reduce the likelihood of the horses becoming territorial and preventing less dominant horses from getting to the hay.  Climbing through the windows of a Hay Hut is not an option for even the most adventurous of horses.

First Flight Farm has now become a distributor for "The Hay Hut".  
  We stock the newly redesigned green Hay Hut for $849.00.
The Hay Hut Nets are $189.00 each

If you are interested in more information or purchasing a Hay Hut please email us at (Click Here).  See more information about The Hay Hut at the manufacturer's website:

First Flight Farm's Testimonial: If you are not familiar with Hay Huts, this is a huge improvement over the traditional hay rings for protecting round hay bales.  Around here we use several round hay bales in our pastures to keep the grass from getting overgrazed.  We were always wasting so much hay using the old hay rings due to rain and the large amount of hay that got trampled into the mud during the rainy periods.  Another problem we frequently had was some of the horses were rubbing their manes on the bars of the hay rings.  Adventurous horses even occasionally manage to get inside traditional hay rings when the hay level gets low.  This is not fun and potentially can result in injuries. We swear by our Hay Huts - they last forever too!

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