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Custom Breeding

Many people look at the pictures of the gorgeous stallions they see advertised in the magazines or on the web and daydream of breeding to that stallion for their next horse, but they do not have access to a suitable high quality mare, nor do they have the facility or experience to breed, foal out or raise a young foal.   I have been asked many times if I would consider doing custom breedings with my mares.  The answer is YES, we will do custom breedings. Do you have a particular one of our mares and a stallion you are interested in? 

I have a number of truly fabulous proven mares to choose from, all are very healthy and are extremely well bred with excellent movement, conformation and dispositions. Because I have so much money invested in my mares, I would require that the mares remain here on our farm. You would be able to visit any time of course and take possession of your foal after it is weaned. Our vet is a Board certified Theriogenologist (repro and neonatal specialist) so the chances of successfully achieving a pregnancy are excellent, as good as they could possibly get. Because we are a breeding farm, our highly trained staff (with 4-year Equine Science degrees) specializes in handling breeding, foaling and training of young horses. Our foals are well mannered and highly socialized by the time they are weaned.

I can offer two options, each with benefits for both of us. The decision would have to made early in the season, particularly on my currently open mares, as I generally plan to begin breeding them in early March to the stallions I have chosen for that particular year if I am not contracted to do a custom breeding with them. I have a bit more time for the currently pregnant mares which have not yet foaled.

1. E/T option:

$5000 Donor mare fee up front for A/I insemination (up to 2 cycles) with the resulting embryo(s) to be flushed and put into recipient mare(s). All vet fees related to E/T procedure(s) and the cost of obtaining the fresh cooled or frozen semen from the stallion of your choice would be your responsibility. If you have a suitable, cycle synchronized recipient mare available for lease nearby and a qualified repro vet to implant the embryo(s) we will arrange to ship the embryo(s) to you at your expense. If you do not have a suitable synchronized recipient mare available for lease and a qualified repro vet to do the transfer near where you live, I do have two mares I use for this purpose here on the farm. This option would also require a $1000 Recipient mare lease fee if you use my recipient mare, plus all expenses related to recipient mare upkeep (board, farrier, vet, etc.) until foal is weaned would be your responsibility.

For me: I can still breed my mare to whichever stallion I am considering for her this season after the E/T procedure is completed. 

For you: You do not have to pay a considerably much higher purchase price to own the top quality mare. Upfront Mare Lease costs are less. You MIGHT get a bonus of more than one embryo (we actually got 6 sets of twins one season from 8 pregnancies).

Possible Downside: 
E/T procedures are more expensive (due to extra vet costs) and pregnancies are not always successfully maintained after implantation in the recipient mare.

2. Mare Breeding Lease Option:

$10,000 Mare lease fee up front plus all expenses related to mare upkeep (board, farrier, vet, etc.) until foal is weaned would be your responsibility. All vet fees related to A/I Breeding procedure and cost of obtaining the fresh cooled or frozen semen from the stallion of your choice would be your responsibility.

For me: I still keep my mare here on the farm, but I will not pay for the mare's upkeep until the foal is weaned, the breeding costs or semen cost, and the custom foal is already sold.
For you: You do not have to pay the considerably much higher purchase price and continued maintenance that you would have to pay to own a top quality mare to breed to the stallion of your choice.  We arrange for the breeding and take care of the mare and foal until weaning, (with daily foal handling).  It is easier (with fewer vet costs) to get a mare in foal than to successfully do an E/T.

Other costs

Our standard mare (w/o foal) full board rates for our farm are $650 per month.  Foaling stall board is $750 per month.  Vet costs (routine) would be for worming, vaccinations and teeth floating. We have great land, so generally our mares are not kept shod, although they are routinely trimmed every 6-8 weeks which costs $50 per trim. We do the rotational worming and vaccinations ourselves so that would be done at our cost. Floating (as needed, but at least once per year) would require the vet coming to do it.

Breeding related vet costs will be additional, and those charges are directly billed by the vet. The cost for each scan is about $35, plus the additional farm call fees which are usually $140 per visit. Generally as many as 8 or more scans may need to be done before the mare is determined to be safely in foal at 60 days.  The scans for pregnancy or twin management are somewhat higher, about $70 each, plus mileage fees.

As I am sure you are aware, A/I breeding (whether using either fresh cooled or frozen semen) is never 100% guaranteed to take on the first try. For this reason we recommend that you purchase two doses of frozen semen to save on the shipping cost.  We have a liquid nitrogen tank here, so we can store the semen doses until you need to use them.  Most stallion owners providing fresh cooled semen, do so with a live foal guarantee.  Since you cannot store the semen, if the mare does not catch on the first try, you will have to pay for another collection and shipment.  We fortunately have had phenomenal success (100% pregnancy rate on 1 dose of either fresh cooled or frozen semen) here since I began doing all my own ultrasounds and inseminations.  

I truly believe this is because of the quiet environment we maintain and the fact that everything is done here on the farm in a very non-stressful atmosphere for the mares. We are not distracted by having to be someplace else when it is time to scan or inseminate the mare, day or night. That is not always the case if your vet gets another emergency call and cannot be there to scan or breed your mare at the necessary time. Having such a fabulous Board certified repro specialist vet nearby is a great thing as well. He is one of only two such specialist vets in the entire State of Texas.

If you are not quite sure if you are looking to lease a mare for this year or next year, we can accept a $500 deposit if you wish to reserve a particular mare for next season and/or you can make payments toward the mare lease fee for next year if that would be easier for your budget.

35 Spanish Pass Road  |  Boerne, TX 78006  |  P 830.537.4150  |  C 210.355.3500